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The Pang Brothers

The Pang Brothers are Danny Pang Fat and Oxide Pang Chun , twin-brother screenwriters and film directors, born in 1965 in Hong Kong. Among their films is the hit Asian horror film, '''', which has spawned two sequels, as well as a and . Besides working in , the pair frequently work in the , where they made their directorial debut as a team, ''Bangkok Dangerous''.


Early career

Oxide, the older of the two by 15 minutes, started his career in Bangkok, at Kantana Group's film labs as a telecine colorist. He made his first film, the experimental karmic thriller, ''Who Is Running?'', in 1997. It was for the in 1998.

Danny is well known as a film editor, and has worked on a number of films, including ''The Storm Riders'' and the ''Infernal Affairs'' series.

They first teamed up to write and direct the film, ''Bangkok Dangerous'', in 1999. The film won the FIPRESCI Award at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for best film and best editing at the Thailand National Film Association Awards.

They then made '''', which gained the Pangs wider critical acclaim. They made two sequels, ''The Eye 2'' and ''The Eye 10''. An of ''The Eye'' was produced by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner and stars Jessica Alba.

Aside from ''The Eye'' and other horror films, the Pangs made two more edgy Thai crime films in the same vein as ''Bangkok Dangerous'', Danny with ''1+1=0'' and Oxide with ''Som and Bank: Bangkok for Sale''. Together the three crime films form a loose "Bangkok Trilogy".

Working style

When the Pangs work together, they direct scenes in the film independently of each other. Oxide Pang explains:

Recent films

Their 2006 horror film, ''Re-cycle'', was the closing film in the Un Certain Regard competition at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. The film reunited the brothers with Angelica Lee, the star of ''The Eye''.

Among their other projects are a Hollywood-backed, English-language film, a thriller called ''The Messengers'', starring John Corbett, which was released in theaters on February 2, 2006, and starring Nicolas Cage.

Oxide produced a remake of ''Who Is Running?'' in 2005, called ''The Remaker'', with Mona Nahm directing. He has completed a solo project, '''', released in 2006. Another solo project for Oxide is '''', starring Aaron Kwok, about a detective trying to find a woman, with the only clue being a photograph of her.

Danny also completed a solo project, '''', a thriller about an enchanted forest. Another solo project by Danny, ''In Love with the Dead'', opened in Hong Kong cinemas on November 29, 2007.

Both ''Diary'' and ''Forest of Death'', as well as ''Re-cycle'', were picked up for distribution in the United Kingdom by Image Entertainment.

Personal lives

Oxide Pang and actress Angelica Lee are in a relationship and were rumored to be engaged, but marriage plans have been put on hold.


Pang Brothers

* ''Bangkok Dangerous''
* ''''
* ''Sung horn'' ]]
* ''The Eye 2''
* ''The Eye 10''
* ''Re-cycle''
* ''The Messengers''
* ''''
* ''The Storm Warriors''

Oxide Pang

As director

* ''Who Is Running?''
* ''Bangkok Haunted''
* ''One Take Only''
* ''
* ''Ab-normal Beauty''
* ''''
* ''''

Danny Pang

As director

* ''1+1=0''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''In Love with the Dead''

As editor

* ''The Storm Riders''
* ''Infernal Affairs''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Sung horn''
* ''''
* ''Bar Paradise''
* ''The Messengers''

Tang Shu Shuen

Tang Shu Shuen is a former Hong Kong film director. Though her film career was brief, she was a trailblazer for socially critical in Hong Kong's populist , as well as its first noted woman director.

Tang was born in Yunnan province in China. She graduated from the University of Southern California.

Tang's best-known films are her first two, ''The Arch'' and ''China Behind'' . The first film looks at the subjugation of women and their sexuality in a traditional village through the story of a widow's unconsummated passion for a male houseguest. The second follows the harrowing journey of a group of college students trying to cross illegally into Hong Kong from a China torn by the Cultural Revolution.

The bleak portrait in ''China Behind'' of both China and Hong Kong brought upon it a thirteen-year ban by the . In addition to their provocative themes, both films used stylistic devices, such as freeze-frames and expressionistic color, possibly inspired by the European art cinema of the 1960s.

Tang made two more, less noted, films, ''Sup Sap Bup Dup'' and ''The Hong Kong Tycoon'' . She also launched the territory's first serious film journal, ''Close-Up'', in 1976. It stopped publishing in 1979 .

She ceased filmmaking and emigrated to the United States in 1979, becoming a respected restaurateur in Los Angeles. Many critics, however, see her influence in the so-called Hong Kong New Wave of edgy, groundbreaking young filmmakers in the late '70s and early '80s.

Steven Lo

Steven Lo Kit-Sing is a Hong Kong and Macanese businessman active in the entertainment world.

As the chairman of the Football Management Committee of , he has overseen the winning of the Domestic Treble in the playing season.

Filmography as director

*''Bakery Amour''
*''Wealthy Human Realm''
*''The Tragic Fantasy: Tiger of Wanchai''

Stanley Tong

Stanley Tong is a film director from Hong Kong.

According to IMDb , he customarily attempts stunts himself before asking actors to risk themselves. For example, Jackie Chan's leap from a parking garage roof to a fire escape in ''Rumble in the Bronx'' and the finale of ''Stone Age Warriors''.

Filmography as director

*''The Diary '' 2007
* ''''
* ''China Strike Force''
* ''''
* ''Police Story 4: First Strike''
* ''Rumble in the Bronx''
* ''Once a Cop''
* ''Police Story 3''
* ''Swordsman II''
* ''Stone Age Warriors''
* ''Iron Angels 3''

Other work

Tong is scheduled to appear as a guest judge on the China Beijing TV Station reality television series '''', which is currently airing in Mainland China and is produced by, and features Jackie Chan. The aim of the program is to find a new star, skilled in acting and martial arts, to become Chan's "successor", the champion being awarded the lead role in a film. It will conclude on June 7, 2008, with the series winner being announced in Beijing.

Stanley Kwan

Stanley Kwan is a Hong Kong film director and .

Kwan was born in Hong Kong, and he landed a job at the TVB after receiving a mass communications degree at . Kwan's first film was ''Women'' , which starred Chow Yun-Fat, and was a big box-office success.

Kwan's films often deal sympathetically with the plight of women and their struggles with romantic affairs of the heart. ''Rouge'' , ''Full Moon in New York'' , ''Centre Stage'' , a biopic on silent film star Ruan Lingyu and ''Everlasting Regret'' , are all such typical Kwan films. ''Red Rose White Rose'' is an adaptation of an Eileen Chang novel.

Kwan as a gay man in 1996 in ''Yang ± Yin'', his documentary looking at the history of Chinese-language film through the prism of gender roles and sexuality. He is one of the few openly gay directors in Asia and one of the very few to have worked on these themes. His ''Lan Yu '' adapts a gay love story originally published on the Internet.


* ''''
* ''Love Unto Waste''
* ''''
* ''Full Moon in New York''
* ''Too Happy for Words''
* ''Centre Stage'', aka ''The New China Woman'' or ''Actress''
* ''Red Rose White Rose''
* ''Yang ± Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema''
* ''Hold You Tight''
* ''Still Love You After All These''
* ''The Island Tales''
* ''''
* ''Everlasting Regret''

Samson Chiu

Samson Chiu is a Hong Kong-based film director, film writer and newspaper columnist. His movies include:

* ''News Attack'' - director/writer, starring Andy Lau as a news photographer
* '' '' - director, Maggie Cheung and Roy Cheung
* ''Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday'' - director
* ''New Age of Living Together'' - director/writer
* ''Lost Boys in Wonderland'' - director/writer
* ''What a Wonderful World'' - starring Andy Lau
* ''When I Fall in Love... with Both'' - starring Fann Wong and Michelle Reis
* ''Golden Chicken'' - director/writer, starring Sandra Ng as a prostitute
* ''Golden Chicken 2'' - director
* ''McDull, The Alumni'' - director

He is a member of the Hong Kong Directors' Guild.

Ringo Lam

Ringo Lam Ling-Tung , born in 1955 is a Hong Kong film director, and scriptwriter.

He is known for gritty, dark and realistic action thrillers. He was born in Hong Kong, and studied film at the York University film school in Toronto. Quentin Tarantino's ''Reservoir Dogs'' was reworked from Lam's '''' , and critics have indicated that there are shot-by-shot copies of certain action sequences. His most recent films include a collaboration with Jean-Claude Van Damme: ''Maximum Risk'' , '''' , and ''The Savage'' .

Filmography as director

* ''Esprit d'amour''
* ''The Other Side of Gentleman''
* ''Cupid One''
* ''Aces Go Places 4''
* ''''
* ''Prison on Fire''
* ''School on Fire''
* ''Wild Search''
* ''Undeclared War''
* ''''
* ''Prison on Fire II''
* ''The Twin Dragons''
* ''Full Contact''
* ''Burning Paradise in Hell''
* ''Great Adventurers''
* ''Maximum Risk''
* ''Full Alert'' - NB Incorrect link
* ''The Suspect''
* ''The Victim''
* ''''
* ''Looking for Mr. Perfect''
* ''In Hell''